About Matt

A photo of me, taken by my wife.

In my years, I have worn many hats. I am a photographer. I am a hiker, backpacker, a traveller, and an explorer. I am a scientist and a naturalist. I am an educator. I am a perpetual student, always learning about the world and its people. Almost everything I do stems from my love of the natural world. As a scientist, I study the behavior, ecology, and evolution of animals (I like plants, fungi, and microbial organisms too!). As a photographer, I’m drawn to the immense landscapes that have been carved out by millions of years of uplift, erosion, and other geological processes. As a traveler, I’m fascinated by the various cultures and their relationships with the natural world around them. This website is my place on the web. From here you will be able to browse my photography portfolio and keep up with my latest adventures and experiences. So have a look around and enjoy my world.

What is “mineral2?”

Mineral2 has been my web alias ever since my first AOL account in the mid-90’s. There are so many Matt Singer’s out in the world, that finding user names and open URLs associated with my actual name is nearly impossible. So, I’ve kept the mineral2 identity ever since. The name comes from my rock and mineral collecting hobby that I started in grade school ever since discovering fossils in the undeveloped section of my neighborhood. I still collect rocks to this day.