I’ve been neglecting my duty to write here and update with my good fun. In part, I’ve been waiting for a nice epic hike or adventure to write about, but lately, either the weather has been crapping out on me, or I find myself busy with other priorities. So what have I been up to? In the lab, I’ve been breeding fish for the past five weeks. In classes, I’ve been worrying about exams and papers. And outside of school, I’ve gotten a chance to get out and enjoy some of the cultural scene around Moscow.

The town, for its size, still has plenty to do after hours. On Thursdays, the Biology graduate students have been gathering at Mingle’s for ladies night at the local pool hall. When we have any ladies present, we can get tables for free. It ends up being a good time for all. The past two weekends, I’ve found myself at John’s Alley (http://www.alleyvault.com/), the home of live music in Moscow. The Alley is a bar with a stage and a dance floor and always seems to be a good time. It attracts artists of all generas from jazz and blues to hip-hop and punk. Lately, the bands seem to be on the mellower side. Two weeks ago, there was a jam band by the name of the Scott Pemberton Trio (http://www.scottpemberton.com/). They apparently show up in Moscow on a regular basis, so I’ll be sure to see them again. This past weekend, we had a treat. Tony Furtado (http://www.tonyfurtado.com/) was in town for two days while on tour promoting his new album, Golden. Tony is somewhat of a big name for the Alley and may be one of the best acts that the venue brings in. He apparently comes to town once a year or so, not quite as often as Scott Pemberton. Tony Furtado began his career as a bluegrass banjo player, but has gradually moved away from the genera to a more folk rock and Americana sound. He is quite good, but he’s also been at it for some time. You can find most of his albums on Amazon, though the new one is on an indie label and can only be bought from the website or downloaded from iTunes. I will definitely be on the lookout for his return to the area and I’ll be sure to bring enough cash to purchase an album or two next time.

A few upcoming events have caught my eye, most notably a bluegrass-celtic rock band by the name of The Clumsy Lovers (http://clumsylovers.com) who will be in town on March 11. The Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival is going on this week at the U of I, but I don’t see anything on the schedule that catches my interest.

Hopefully I’ll be out for some high adventure soon.