Its been an interesting week to say the least. Friday it was warm and rainy, which killed all remains of snow. Then it got real cold. So I had a ski lesson on the grass. It doesn’t really work that great on grass. Today was also cold. So…

Its cold. Booo

Its supposed to snow. Yay!

Its going to stay cold. Booo

That means the snow won’t melt. Yay!

I’ve been dreaming tonight as I decided to see what ski areas are nearby and how much snow they have. Areas north of here have been getting hit with snow pretty nicely, so maybe I can start skiing in a few weeks. I found a few places within reach that look like they could be good. Of course, the exciting ones are several hours away in the Adirondaks. So some of the Catskill ski areas of interest include Bellaeyre, Hunter, and Windham. And I’m excited over Whiteface with its vertical drop of 3100 feet and Gore Mountain with a vertical drop of 2600 feet. Both of these ski areas feature lodges half way up the mountain and gondolas. Both of these are also up in the Adirondaks, so I don’t know how often I can get up there. Oh but they look so fun.

Tomorrow, I am going into Philly for the evening on a blind date. Actually its a double date with Bill and his blind date from last month. All I know is that she’s a Jewish girl from Albright. This should be interesting.