View on Kennedy Peak
Originally uploaded by Matthew Singer.

Wow. I realized I haven’t updated this place in quite some time. A lot has happened in the past year. I went back to Ferry Beach ( in the fall and had some fun on the coast of Maine with weekends in the White Mountains again. I spent the winter in Hagerstown unsuccessfully looking for a job. And now I’ve finally found one in Luray, Va with the Sheridan School’s Mountain Campus ( I work at a facility nestled up against Shenandoah National Park, and literally somewhere in the photo above.

We’re still in training week, but work has been great so far. Everyone there is friendly and its great to be out of the dirty city. The job is less science-based and more adventure and teambuilding, though the science content is certainly growing and expanding. I’m excited to be taking students on hikes, backpacking trips, overnight canoe trips, rock climbing and into caves.

Over the fall and winter, I also applied to the zoology graduate program at the University of New Hampshire. If all goes well, I shall be moving North again by the end of summer.

Happy Spring, and more updates to come.