Wow, it’s March already. Yesterday, it began to snow. Let’s back up, all of last week, it snowed. We may have gotten a good combined foot of fresh, fluffy powder. We got a bit of a break over the weekend. Sunday it snowed a bit, but the accumulation wasn’t siginificant. But yesterday, it began to snow. In the course of the day, I probably blew 8 inches off the driveway, and the snow wouldn’t let up.

This morning, I woke up to find that all my hard work of keeping the driveway clear was erased with potentially another 6-8 + inches of snow. And it’s still falling. There are drifts from the snow falling off the roof that maybe reach 4 feet. The temperatures have warmed up a bit. Friday night’s low hit -10 in Moscow with a high of about 15. Since the snow returned, the highs have actually been above freezing, which is making this snow very wet and heavy.

All of this, I don’t really mind. Now that we have a snow blower, I’m not getting stuck on the driveway, and it’s about time to see winter return. But the forecast shows rising temperatures through the week, and the snow is to become rain. So we have a nice fresh and deep blanket turning this place into a winter wonderland, and by the weekend it’s going to be on the retreat. I  really wish the snow would stick around long enough to take advantage of. On the positive side, the ski areas are getting feet of fresh powder each day, and they should be retaining the snow as it warms up down here. So pherpahs I will get at least one more ski trip in before the snow wanes for good.

Happy March.