On Thursday, June 19, my 32nd birthday, Erin woke up having contractions that were 10 minutes apart, give or take a minute. This persisted through the morning. By the afternoon, the contractions had gotten closer together. We left home around 2:30 and an hour later, we were at the birth center in Moscow.

Clara would have been born at the birth center with the midwife attending, but upon the final moments, we discovered she was breech. So, Erin was transferred over to the hospital where Clara came into this world ass-first at 10:47 pm.

Since we’ve arrived home, life has certainly changed. We now have much less free time and live on a sleep-deprived schedule. Greta immediately adored Clara, and she doesn’t seem to mind the dog either.Clara and Greta

If I don’t seem as active over the next few months, this is why. I still hope to sneak in the occasional hiking trip, but they will be limited. It’s a worthy sacrifice.