Mother and Child, originally uploaded by Matthew Singer.

We had a baby.

And by We, I mean Erin.

And by Erin, I mean her horse.

Thursday night (Friday morning) around 12:30, we went out to check on Mae and turn in for the night, but we heard groaning and grunting coming from the barn. So, Erin rushed up to see if she had gone into labor, and indeed she had. I grabbed boots and the camera and headed up. At first, there was just a hoof sticking out from Mae’s behind. Then she laid down and gave a few pushes. Within a half an hour, the whole baby emerged. I spent the next hour or so documenting the the first moments of the baby’s life before calling it quits. Erin stayed out longer, but I had an exam in the morning and was not about to lose sleep. I went back to the barn in the morning just before leaving for school to snap a few photos in the daylight.

Over night, the, baby took its first steps and nursed. It seems that’s all the baby does now. It just follows Mae wherever she goes, falls over in awkwardness regularly, and naps often. Nap times on Saturday and Sunday were bliss with full sunshine and 60-degree weather.

And so it is, we have a baby, another mouth to feed, and another cute, expensive animal to take care of.