Pink Girl

Since last week, we had been down to three puppies. Three is much more manageable than seven, but still a crowd. In fact, having two out at a time was still a handful. Tuesday, I made up posters advertising the rest of the pups, and in less than 24 hours, we had two more sold. This left us with one Pink Girl to care for.

Having one puppy isn’t so bad. They’re a lot more mellow by themselves, they don’t eat as much, and most importantly, there’s not as much pee and poop to clean up. Of the three that were left were all the lighter dogs. It seems that the darker color is more popular. But the lighter dogs had the better personalities. Green Girl and Brown Boy were so mellow and laid back. And Pink Girl just wanted love and snuggles. If we were to have kept one, Erin would have kept Brown Boy. I think I would have chosen Pink Girl.

Pink Girl was very much like Greta in some ways. Her number one goal was to snuggle up to you an give and get love.  It turns out, she really likes to nap in someone’s arms. She really liked Greta and looked up to her so much, but Greta would grumble and put up with it. I think she was just jealous that the puppy was getting attention instead of her.

A day went by and there were no more calls. I thought that maybe we would actually keep Pink Girl because nobody seemed to want her. Then we got three inquiries on Friday. Erin really wanted to keep a puppy, and I’ll admit that I was attached to the idea myself, but the reality is that we can barely afford the animals we have, and until our financial situation improves, we really should not be adding to our collection. So, we loaded the puppy into the car and brought her into Moscow with us where she met her new family. And with that, we are now puppyless.

We still have Lana, the mother. While she’s calmed down a little, she can’t stay with us forever, and she’s going to have to go sooner than later. Erin has been looking into rescue centers because she’s not likely to find a home going to one of the humane society shelters, even though the local shelters are no-kill.

So in a few days, we should hopefuly be back to our normal life with only two dogs…

… and four cats, four horses, three birds, a goat, a hedgehog, a fock of chickens, and a tank full of fish. Did I miss any?