Out of nowhere, our dog population has increased four fold. Here’s the back story.

Several weeks ago, I came home to find two extra dogs at the house. They were two German Shepherds, a male and a female, that Erin had decided to watch for a friend while she got on her feet and found a place to live with her dogs. Four big dogs in our tiny house is a bit much, and it didn’t help that the two we were watching were very active. Lana, the female, is a very nervous dog, especially around men, and she would just pace around. Ace, the male, was a one-year old and in tact, so his energy was more youthful, but nonetheless, he also began to pick on our other animals. The two would routinely stalk the cats. But the last straw was when they, along with Greta, attacked and killed one of our chickens. We had to return the dogs for fear that one of the cats would be the next victim.

Lana was also pregnant before we got the dogs. The original owner was unable to keep both dogs and Ace was her baby. She had acquired Lana from someone else. She was going to breed the dogs and sell the puppies, and as it turned out, Lana was pregnant. So when we went to return the dogs, we made the deal to keep Lana indefinitely and deal with the puppies. So, Lana is now our dog for the moment.

The puppies came yesterday, starting around 7 pm. When I got home an hour and a half later, the fifth puppy had popped out. When it seemed like she was done, three more came out. We have eight puppies in total, all purebred German shepherds. The goal is to sell them all in 8-10 weeks, and once they are gone, we will find Lana a new home.

Puppies Puppies