Harvest Moon, originally uploaded by Matthew Singer.

Beth, one of the photo club members and employee at the Prichard Art Gallery downtown, mentioned at our last meeting that a student was in town with the current exhibit at the gallery. He didn’t know anyone and was desperate to hang out with people his own age. So we got a group together last night and hung out around the town.

I thought the visiting student was an art student, but it turns out he’s actually studying conservation biology and had spent some time working environmental education. And, he’s from Maine. Well wouldn’t you know it? He spent some time at the Ferry Beach Ecology School. He knows a lot of the people I worked with, either by working with them himself, or interacting with them during one of the FBES alumni reunions that I have been unable to attend. He’s also in grad school with another Ferry Beach alum that I worked with.

In addition to teaching environmental ed, Will is also an avid birder and hiker. He’s an awesome guy and I now wish I had the opportunity to work with him in Maine. So far, he seems to be enjoying his time in Moscow, so maybe we’ll get him to return for a more recreational visit.

It’s a small world.