We’ve gotten a lot of snow this winter. And then it got cold. Like, really cold. Night time lows below zero, and daytime highs hovering around 20.  So the only thing to do with this kind of weather is go swimming.

Last year, we took Clara to a developed hot spring near McCall and she loved it. This year we decided to give the undeveloped hot spring a try. Spoiler: She had a blast. Our biggest concern was keeping her warm during the one-mile hike to and from the springs. She did fine in her little blue down suit, but then, it helps that the hike was so short. I’ve written about these hot springs before, and since then, I’ve been back only twice (including this trip). I meant to make it an annual tradition, but after Clara was born, we just couldn’t seem to make it work. Now that we know that hot springs are a hit, I’m hoping we can visit more of them before we end up leaving the northwest.