First Snow, originally uploaded by Matthew Singer.

On Friday, I woke up to find a light layer of white on everything. At first, I thought it was a heavy frost, but when I put my glasses on, the truth was revealed. We had our first snowfall. It wasn’t much, less than an inch, and by late afternoon, all was gone. It wasn’t the first snow of the season either, but it was the first to stick on the ground, especially at our elevation.

But Sunday night, it began to snow some more, and the accumulation was greater. It still wasn’t much, and in the tall grass, looked pitiful. But it was enough to make driving a pain. But, it snowed all night and when we woke up this morning, there was considerably more snow on the ground. It still wasn’t enough to really worry about. But it kept snowing all day. And by the time I decided to do something about it, we had measured 10 inches along the drive way. This storm is no joke. What was supposed to be 5-8 inches is now threatening to push a full foot of powder. I’m glad I had the forethought to buy a snow shovel a few days ago, but I now wish I had bought two, and I wish we had gotten a snow blower sooner.

That will be on tomorrow’s agenda. That and any other gear we may need to prepare for winter.

At least we have heat now. Saturday Night, the temperature dropped to a balmy 28 degrees, warm compared to the temperatures forecasted for the next few days, but cold enough to feeze everything outside, including a bit of water that happened to be residing in the fuel line. So, Sunday I went to town to get some supplies to melt the pipes and insulate them. Meanwhile, a plumber came out and cleared the line for us. We should now be good for a while.

I’ll get some snow photos in the morning.