Walking Among Giants

I don’t usually like to gloat about my accomplishments, but sometimes a little self promotion doesn’t hurt. I’ll start with the announcement of my first publication, which officially rolled off the presses last month. Last year, our lab was contacted to write a book chapter in a methods and protocol book on assessing anxiety behaviors in Zebrafish. So Barrie, Maia, Mary, and I set out to publish our behaviortyping protocol for assessing observer preference, depth preference, and feeding latency for high-throughput experiments.

Robison, BD, MJ Benner, ML Singer, ME Oswald. A High Throughput and Inexpensive Assay for Anxiety Related Behaviors in the Zebrafish, Based on Place Preference and Latency to Feed. in Zebrafish Protocols for Neurobehavioral Research. A.V. Kalueff and A.M. Stewart (editors), Humana Press, NY, 2012.

So, I officially have my name on a publication. But it gets better. If you follow the link, there is an image of the front cover of the book. That’s my photograph of the Zebrafish mirror biting test. How cool is that?

A few months ago, I was contacted by the editor of American Forests to use one of my images from the Hobo Cedar Grove in their summer issue of the magazine, American Forests. So after having a look at the organization and deciding that I support their goals and mission, I gave them permission to publish my image. I received my copy of the magazine to day to find my image was used as a two-page spread feature for one of the articles. The online issue features the photo, but the print version looks nicer.