Puppies at 8 weeks

The puppies are now over 8 weeks old and oh so cute. As you can imagine, seven growing pups indoors can create quite a mess that is hard to keep on top of. On top of that, any time you step into their room, they all mob you for attention. So, as spring weather has descended upon the Palouse, we found scrap lumber and fencing and built an outdoor playpen for the dogs. So far it is doing the job. It’s also giving the pups some much needed fresh air and sunshine, which in turn tires them out so all they want to do is sleep when they come in at night.

The dogs have quite a range of personalities. Some of them are going to be very active, great for life on a farm or as an outdoor companion. Two of them are quite mellow and would rather cuddle up with you. They’re all very friendly and very loving.

So, the puppies are now ready for their own families. Did I mention that they are pure-bred German shepherds? If you’re in the Northwest area and would like a dog, or know someone who would like a dog, please contact me. I’d like to find them homes sooner than later.