This year, I have fallen behind in my photography pursuits. It’s in part due to the events in February, and part due to not having the funds or time to get out as much as I’d have liked. I’ve been looking through some stats tracking the number of photos I’ve taken over the past few years, though a better metric is to look at the number of “good” photos that have made it onto my flickr page. Here’s a short breakdown:

Year Number of photos
2006 335
2007 310
2008 396
2009 629
2010 341
2011 421
2012 314
2013 185

For all years before 2006, there were less than 200 images shared publicly. This trend does mirror the trend for total photos taken, according to my iPhoto library. It appears that 2009 was my busiest year, which surprises me because I had so many photos I liked from 2010 that I ended up splitting my yearly album into two books. The numbers above don’t include any portrait sessions and ballroom dance events that I photographed, many of which have yielded some satisfactory results, but which I don’t post on flickr for privacy reasons.

Despite the low volume of shots, I still have some images and memories that I am quite fond of. I went through my 2013 photographs and picked out what I feel are the best 10 images from the year:

[AFG_gallery id=’9′]

Of course, you can always see the entire set over at Flickr. Think I should have included some others in this list? Let me know what your favorites are.